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Proven Pay Per Click Management Approach


You can relax knowing you have data junkies pouring over your numbers and tirelessly reviewing your campaigns to get you results.


We do it all. A holistic approach to marketing, we ensure we understand your target market and client to reach your business goals.


We work together with you to develop strategies that have worked with our other clients. We hand craft customized strategies for all clients.

Build & Test

Once an action plan is set, we begin an account build. Testing and re-testing to protect your financial advertising investments.


We work together to discuss what success looks like. Together we will identify key metrics we will use to determine how we execute our strategy.


Once your campaigns are live, we check and make the updates and changes needed for maximum return.


Get The Most From Your PPC Campaigns

So many Google Ads consultants serve their clients the same strategies. When you first connect with an AgencyPPC Google Ads specialist, we will comb over your existing campaigns to ensure a mutual fit and to set expectations. In order for us to maximize your returns, we need to make sure our goals are aligned. Even if you don’t move forward with us, rest assured we will advise you on what steps you should take to ignite your PPC marketing efforts.


Unlike some of the conglomerate Pay Per Click companies out there, our Pay Per Click consultants are true experts in PPC on Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. We hire less than 1% of all applications submitted and of course everyone on our team is Google Ads certified as well as tested internally on the most challenging aspects of Pay Per Click marketing. That translates to you receiving the deepest resources any Pay Per Click agency can possibly offer.

Our core goal is to help you achieve your marketing goals and achieve a great ROI. We’re not just another Pay Per Click company. We’re analytical thinkers who thrive on quantifying and leveraging opportunities. We don’t force you into a corner with only certain marketing channels or make recommendations that don’t benefit your bottom line. And while we love Google Ads (it’s the core of what we do), we’ve been known to recommend and achieve stronger results using Facebook Ads, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEO, and even Cold Emailing (a service we don’t actually offer, but were willing to help a client craft his own strategy during a critical season). 

If it’s digital media, we know how to convert the raw numbers into action that improves your bottom line. At the end of the day, we’ll make recommendations for you the same way that we would strategize for ourselves.

Well, not exactly. While it is easy to start a Google Ads account, it’s even easier to burn through your budget with little to nothing to show for it. We often take in and rebuild accounts that have spent tens of thousands of dollars on unintended keywords, locations, and audience segments. The reason is that a Google Ads account has thousands of variables to control and optimize. From keywords and match types, to ad copy and demographic targeting, to day-parting and bidding. Since search results are zero-sum game, for one company to “win” a position in a search result, another has to lose. For all these reasons, you need a partner that sees lots of accounts and the good news is… that’s us… so get a proposalWhen things are built, tested, and managed correctly, a Google Ads account can be the most valuable asset your business owns to create new business.

Ensuring There is a Mutual Fit

We want want to be sure (as much as you do) that we’re the best agency to hit your goals.

Assessing What You’ve Done In The Past

We’ve been known to pivot accounts extremely quickly if they have adequate historical data to analyze.

Recommending a Customized Plan

We’ve managed thousands of successful PPC campaigns and you will have access to our deep experience. We’ll recommend the channel and strategy we would use to hit your goals. 

Onboarding & Research

We ask you the key questions we need to put together a winning campaign. We don’t ask you your spirit animal. We get right to what’s important.

Build & Launch

After collecting what we need, our team researches and collaborates to build you a deeply considered campaign. Our account builds are often the catalyst to massive strides in performance.

Performance Analysis & Optimization 

Testing is always taking place to push your account in a better direction. We actively improve all areas of the account and respond to market trends to keep your results coming in.

We work with our clients in two ways:

Monthly Management (best for ongoing management and consistent growth)

We manage your PPC accounts for a fixed monthly fee. The fee can vary depending on the complexity and scale of your account as well as the number of accounts you have in place. 

Hourly Consulting (best for complex/dynamic projects or lower budget projects where only strategy or implementation is needed).

Work directly with an expert for an hourly rate. These engagements are flexible and offer on-demand support for your campaigns or the other initiatives we support (SEO, CRO, Web Analytics, etc). Many clients begin working with us in that way to test drive our value on a no-commitment basis. 

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