Limo Service Increases Inquiries By 650% In 2 Months

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Our Scope With This Client:

Google Ads Management

We completely rebuilt the Google Ads account with improved tracking and granularity.

Getting Off The Ground

A Chicago limo company who had worked with a number of digital agencies approached us to take their Google Ads account to the next level. Their current PPC management agency was not providing them with any reporting or access to their Google Ads account. They were spending $500 per week and simply couldn’t break past receiving 10 lead phone calls weekly.
Unfortunately, attempts to transition their account from their current AdWords management agency were unsuccessful. This meant we couldn’t leverage all of the valuable data the client collected over time. After our initial keyword research, we launched a brand new Google Ads account with campaigns for targeted services like “Wedding limos,” “Airport Limos,” and “Corporate Limo Services.”

The Results...

1 +
Leads Weekly

6.5X the leads that they were used to

1 %
A stellar 25% conversion rate

We delivered a 45% conversion rate

1 %
Reduction in cost per lead

Going from $48 CPL to only $6

During week one, they were receiving 10 limousine service leads per week from Google Ads. After developing new campaigns, the leads generated from Google Ads soared to new heights at 65 leads per week.

For the same budget that was bringing in 10 leads per week previously, we were able to to increase leads generated by a very considerable 650% .

During their first week of advertising, the average cost of receiving an inquiry (CPA – Cost Per Acquisition) was nearly $50. By week 9 we were able to reduce this cost by 86% ($47.49 to $6.62). This effectively provided them with nearly 7X the inquiries for the same weekly cost.

Over the first 9 weeks our team created a more consistent customer experience from their Google search, to the ad they see, to the page they land on. The result of campaign optimization was a significantly improved Google Ads conversion rate.

Since the client pays Google for each click on their website that comes from Google Ads, it was critical to extract more leads from the clicks that their budget would allow.

In 9 short weeks, we were able to improve their conversion rate by 438% (4.57% to 24.59%). By week nine, nearly a quarter of their Google Ads clicks became leads.

So let's make your PPC account more profitable.