HVAC Service Makes $25k First Month Advertising

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Our Scope With This Client:

Google Ads Management

Brand new Google Ads account formation. We isolated the highest home-value towns near our client to increase job size (larger homes = more equipment).

Getting Off The Ground

Our client, an HVAC company, had only been acquiring customers through referral programs with local warranty companies. They were seeking a method of generating new business by reaching their customers directly. Upon starting their relationship with AgencyPPC, they did not advertise or have a functional website.

Our initial keyword research showed that winter months generated peak search volume for many of the services they wished to target. With our relationship beginning in November, time was of the essence. To begin advertising, we started with a simple site structure that included all necessary components to convert visitors into customers. After launching ads, the focus would quickly shift to creating more specific pages for services that were most frequently visited. This approach quickly generated incoming cash flow to rapidly recover the initial costs of content development and fund future advertising.

The Results...

+$ 1 k
Leads Weekly

Spending only $3,500 on AdWords

1 %
A stellar 25% conversion rate

From 214% to 488%

1 %
Reduction in cost per lead

Twice the leads for same weekly cost

By gradually adjusting maximum keyword bids, a/b testing ad variations, and other optimizations made in response to incoming data, by week 7 of advertising we had reduced the average Cost Per Inquiry in their Google AdWords account by 46% (from $119 to $64). This efficiency gain provided nearly twice the leads for the same weekly cost.

For over 7 weeks, our client received nearly 500% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Weekly ROAS more than doubled from the first to last week-from 214% to 497%. The rate of return also shows a steady trend of growth. As data is collected and the account is optimized further, ROAS improves and wasteful keywords, market segments, and ads are eliminated.

In January, $3,500 spent on AdWords returned $25,625 in revenue. As we created more in-depth content, the user-experience continued to improve. Getting wind of an incoming freeze, we quickly created campaigns which generated over $14k of revenue in one week. Weekly revenue has also nearly doubled and is continuing its uptrend.

Working down the Average Cost Per Click was a core driver of the efficiency gain. By increasing the exposure of ads for well-performing keywords and decreasing under-performers, we improved the quality of traffic and minimized wasteful spend. The result was twice the traffic for the same weekly cost.

So let's make your PPC account more profitable.