Local Antiques Buyer Increases Sales With Google Ads

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Our Scope With This Client:

Google Ads Management

Took over an already established Google Ads account. Set up Google Analytics to ensure proper tracking through all lead gen channels took place.

Getting Off The Ground

An antiques and art buyer was looking to increase their digital advertising spending but were unhappy with the spotty and inconsistent service they had prior. They wanted to take control of their lead generation and also have a partner to help increase phone calls and foot traffic.

Rebuild clients already existent Google Ads account. Through keyword research and smart bidding ensured clients budget was maintained and that money was spent on audiences most likely to convert. Set up proper analytics on web properties to ensure client could track all ad dollars spent. 

The Results...

1 %
Higher Click Through Rate

A Huge Improvement In Ad Relevance

1 %
Increase in Leads Generated

Without raising their monthly budget

1 %
Decrease in Cost per Lead

A Difference Felt In The Bottom Line

Prior to hiring AgencyPPC they were utilizing a Google Ads account built out and supplied by Google itself. This build included mostly broad keywords and generated a lot of irreverent traffic. We were able to increase the specialization of their keywords and targeting methodology, leading to an increase of their click through rate from 1.77% to 6.15% on average.

After restructuring and optimizing the account to be more relevant to their target customers, the number of leads per month immediately increased…then increased some more….and then kept increasing monthly for 2 1/2 years, resulting in an average of 35% more leads per month. We were able to do this utilizing nearly the exact same budget every single month (±15% from average).

After careful on-going optimization we were able to lower the average cost per click by 15% in conjunction with raising their average conversion rate by 25%. The cumulative effect of these two price saving measures dropped their cost per lead by an average of 39%.

So let's make your PPC account more profitable.