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Case Study – Jimmy The Plumber

Client Story – Jimmy The Plumber

AdWords For Plumbers – We Get The Plumbing Leads To Call You

Plumbing leads are the lifeblood to a plumbing company. Today, most plumbers just don’t know where to look to connect with new customers the moment they need a plumber. While Google AdWords Pay Per Click Marketing provides exactly this opportunity, the complexity of this tool is often too much for the average business owner to manage.

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Our client, a Chicago-based plumbing company approached AgencyPPC after years of digital marketing efforts with numerous agencies that simply fell short. Jimmy, the owner of the company communicated that he had worked with half a dozen agencies that managed his AdWords Pay Per Click Marketing and promised results he never saw. He knew that Google AdWords had great potential to generate leads for his business, but he had yet to develop a well-oiled lead generation machine. When we began to work with Jimmy, his Cost Per Lead was over $500 and he had not been able to generate a profit from his AdWords investment.
With AgencyPPC’s vast knowledge of advertising for plumbing services, we were able to set some expectations we knew we could deliver. We estimated that we could bring his $500 cost per lead down to under $100 within the first couple of months. Jimmy also challenged us to eliminate the city of Chicago as a business target and focus on the suburbs that were closer to his office. This created additional efficiency within his operation, ensuring his plumbers could complete more service calls each day.
After analyzing his website data and cross-referencing his sales numbers, we were able to research keywords that we knew had delivered quality leads for his business in the past. We built his AdWords account with one focus: hyper-local ads that were consistent with what his customers were searching. The goal was to show a searcher an ad that mirrored exactly what they searched in Google. We structured the account in an innovative way to test a unique AdWords technique.
The results of Jimmy’s account were staggering. In the first month, Jimmy spent roughly $1000 in AdWords and received 40 leads for a cost of $25 per lead. We brought his website conversion rate (the ratio of website visitors to actual leads) from only 6% to an impressive 25%. This means 1 out of 4 people who visited his site contacted Jimmy The Plumber. He was elated at this point, using the phrase “game changer” every time we reported to him. Over the next few months, we were able to use the incoming data to optimize his account even further by adding new keywords, testing new ad versions, eliminating wasteful keywords, and continuously optimizing his keyword bids. Only a few months later, Jimmy’s website conversion rate was consistently over 45%. This means that while Jimmy paid less per click than when we started, the number of visitors who actually contacted his company for an appointment doubled. His current cost per AdWords lead trends at around $16 per lead. The result is nearly 200 calls per month for about a $3k AdWords investment generating over $40k per month in revenue.

Over 100 More Plumbing Leads per Month

Prior to working with AgencyPPC, Jimmy’s account generated 5-8 leads per month for a $2k investment. After putting our AdWords strategy in place, we brought in 46 leads the first month! By Month 2, our new AdWords account generated over 100 leads every month moving forward. The revenue brought in each month was over $35k in sales each month directly from AdWords.

Plumbing Leads Generated By AgencyPPC By Month

Under $30 Cost Per Lead

In the very first month, we were able to come out of the gate with a lead cost under $30. Coming from a nearly $500 lead cost, our client did not need to increase his investment to get significantly more inquiries and customers. Month after month, the leads continued to pour in. More importantly, since over 75% of their leads became customers, the revenue grew exponentially.

Plumbing Leads Generated By AgencyPPC Cost Per Lead

↑86% Increased Conversion Rate

Getting lots of visits to the website is great right? Not necessarily. At the end of the day, how many of those visitors contact you? In this case, our client’s AdWords account grew from about 6% before our involvement, to an astonishing 45% conversion rate. This meant that nearly half of the visitors to his website contacted him for a quote. Instead of paying for roughly 16 clicks to generate a phone call, our client now only had to pay for approximately 2 clicks in AdWords.

Plumbing Leads Generated By AgencyPPC - Website Conversion Rate

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