Gold And Jewelry Buyer Instantly Receives 20 Leads a Week

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Our Scope With This Client:

Google Ads Management

Premium Buyers was in need of advertising their services digitally to increase lead generation and in person traffic to their storefront. AgencyPPC built them a detailed and granular Google Ads account to help lead generation with amazing results.

Getting Off The Ground

With many competitors it can be hard to stand out in the gold and jewelry buying industry. Premium Buyers was trying to navigate how to increase sales, drive in person traffic and calls. With no prior Google Ads experience they were unsure what to expect and wanted more control and visibility of their advertising. 

Our goal was to create an efficient account to help keep wasteful spend down. We created a robust and focused AdWords account that was able to keep their overall costs low while effectively increasing sales and phone calls.

The Results...

1 %
Of All Clicks Became Leads

Exceptionally High Efficiency

1 %
New Leads Generated Weekly

Phone Calls and Web Inquires

1 x
Increase In New Leads

Within The First 30 Days

When a client places their trust in us to bring their business into the search marketing space, it’s important that we use their resources as efficiently as possible. We were able to build and optimize a Google Ads account that delivered a confirmed lead for around every four people who clicked on their ad. To place this in context, a common lead generation conversion rate is around 4%-8% for most industries.

Having qualified leads right when your new business is launching is a luxury very few entrepreneurs get to enjoy. For this client, we were able to help make sure their business hit the ground running.

For businesses who rely on leads to survive, it isn’t just the amount of leads you can get, it’s also how fast you can get them! Within four weeks of launching the client’s Google Ads account we were able to increase their incoming leads four fold. Generating scale is like second nature to us!

So let's make your PPC account more profitable.