National Fireworks Retailer Increases Sales With Google Ads

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Our Scope With This Client:

Google Ads Management

Jake's Fireworks approached us to help them navigate complex Google guidelines and maximize ad spend before 4th of July holiday. The goal was aggressive campaign scaling, while lowering conversion costs with a fast approaching holiday deadline.

Getting Off The Ground

Due to Google ads disapprovals and strict policies in the client’s industry, the core challenge was just to keep the account running. With a pressing July 4th deadline to increase sales while lowering CPAs, this 50+ location national fireworks retailer was anxious to get control of their Google Ads accounts to accelerate sales during their annual busy season. 

The goal was to scale the account, while quickly pivoting ad copy and landing pages to respond to Google’s automated reviews while minimizing downtime. While there were several rounds of disapprovals along the way, quick pivots to remain compliant allowed Jake’s to maximize sales with the July 4th holiday quickly approaching, 


The Results...

1 %
Daily Traffic

We Navigated Them Through Google's Complicated Compliance Guidelines

- 1 %
Cost Per Conversion

Saving The Company More Than $40,000 in 17 Days

1 %
Increase in Conversion Rate

Making Every Click Count Even More Through Optimization

Fireworks regulation from state to state can be complex, and aligning them with Google Ads policies is no different. After having their ads interrupted multiple times for a variety of Google policy reasons, Jake’s Fireworks needed help.
AgencyPPC took the campaigns over during this critical period and worked closely with Google to maintain maximum up-time. The result was a 20-fold traffic increase with a 29% improvement in cost per conversion.

Once we were able to generate regular spend for their Google Ads account, we were able to closely track their data and make constant optimizations. The result was an average drop in cost per lead by 29%. If they had generated the same number of leads at their previous cost per lead, they would have spent more than an additional $40,000!

After around two weeks we were able to improve their conversion rate by 46%. This was the result of hyper-tailored ads and improved campaign structure.

So let's make your PPC account more profitable.